Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silence from McCain

MELISSA CLOUTHIER: Shame on John McCain for Not Defending Sarah Palin. "What rock is Senator McCain hiding under and why can't he show himself for a moment to defend his running mate? . . . Once again, John McCain's actions betray the character traits conservatives abhorred about the man during his years in the Senate: He would spit in a friend's eye to win the favor of an enemy." On the upside, he's making a lot of Republicans feel better about losing to Obama. It's all part of the healing!

I for one never trusted McCain to care about conservatives so it's not surprising that he declines to support Palin.  His whole "maverick" image depends on betraying conservatives so that liberals will like him. Now, watch him sell out the Republicans to cozy up to Obama and the press.  As Rush said, the McCain campaign was one long concession speech.

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