Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Steyn on Pelosi's definition of "bipartisan"

re Nancy Pelosi's assertion that an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress would be more "bipartisan", it makes a weird kind of sense.

The official media definition of "bipartisanship" is a Republican supporting Democrat policies. Chuck Hagel, Jim Jeffords: That's bipartisan. Joe Lieberman standing by the commander-in-chief in time of war? Nothing bipartisan about that.

So if "bipartisan" means a Republican joining a Democrat to enact Democrat policies, fewer Republicans joining more Democrats to enact even more Democrat policies is surely even more bipartisan.

And, as I always say to those folks who coo about Obama getting beyond the partisan divide, there are plenty of places that have managed to get beyond the partisan divide: they're called one-party states. Looks like Nancy has figured it out.

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