Thursday, February 21, 2008

John O'Sullivan on John McCain & Conservatism on National Review Online

It seems possible and even likely that a victory by Barack Obama would be the climax of this long policy of fully integrating black and minority America into the nation and putting the querulous politics of race behind us. As I have argued elsewhere, the mere fact of a President Obama would strengthen and stabilize America just as a Polish pope undermined Soviet rule in Eastern Europe. Black and minority America would be fully integrated into the nation as the British working class was fully integrated into the British political nation by George V. Americans would feel better about themselves and the world would feel very differently about America. The conservative interest, as defined above, would therefore smile upon a vote for Obama.

Notice that this analysis does not depend upon the actual policies pursued by Obama. It is the fact of an Obama presidency that would be a long step towards national cohesion. That fact is enhanced by Obama's rhetoric of one nation. But what if Obama's actual policies weaken this cohesion? Since he seems to favor more or less open immigration, multiculturalism, bilingual education, racial preferences, and other policies that emphasize and reward ethnic division, he might well obstruct and delay the overcoming of race that his presidency symbolizes and contradict the rhetoric of one nation used by Obama to such good effect with voters of all races. Obama's proposed policies therefore open a line of attack for Republicans to exploit. Unfortunately for the GOP, John McCain takes almost exactly the same position on these "National Question" issues as Obama — without having the Democrat's symbolic or rhetorical appeal. 

Excellent!  The Conservatives for Obama bandwagon is starting to gain momentum.  John O'Sullivan is perhaps the most eminent conservative to come out for my man.  Read the whole essay and think about the long term picture.  Obama is going to be President -- whether we help or not.  Hope for a few more conservatives to get elected to Congress and fight for gridlock.  It's the best option.  Get on board!

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