Wednesday, May 26, 2010

U.S. National Debt Clock

When you hear that the national debt is $13 trillion, it just sounds like a big number.  Does it feel any different than $13 billion or $130 trillion?  Not unless you really think about it.  When you hear what your share of it is as a taxpayer, maybe it means something.  How long would you have to work to pay off your piece of the national debt?

US National Debt per taxpayer: $117,981

Note that many citizens do not pay any federal taxes.  The debt per citizen is $42,025.  But if you're not paying taxes, you're not so worried about that debt, are you?

I've heard Neal Boortz say that he thinks only taxpayers should get to vote.  I have to agree that we'd get more responsible government if that were the case.

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