Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Senator Barbara Boxer and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Throw IPCC Under the Bus

The EPA has specifically cited the IPCC AR4 report as the primary source from which it drew information to make the Endangerment Finding on CO2 as a pollutant. In the past, the worldwide nature of the climate changes, and of the data, had been cited as one of the reasons for using the IPCC report, but now it appeared that Jackson was trying to separate the Endangerment Finding from the IPCC.

As one commenter paraphrases Boxer, we're not just relying on the international fraudsters, we have American fraudsters, too!  Nothing settles a scientific dispute like hiding data.  Thank God we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner to give the final word on the matter.  The consensus among climate scientists remains that we need to give them more money.

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