Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An excuse for a new pork binge

Michelle Malkin:

> Immutable law of Beltway political physics: The only real jobs that > a government stimulus stimulates are government jobs. A year after > President Obama signed his first almost trillion-dollar economic-> stimulus package into law, the federal workforce is at an all-time > high. The nation's unemployment rate has swelled to 9.7 percent, but > Washington's economy is thriving.

> More than 2.1 million government workers will be on the federal > payroll by the end of 2010. The lobbying industry is booming. USA > Today reports that 14 federal agencies have hired 3,000 workers to > oversee stimulus spending and have spent nearly $190 million so far > on salaries and overhead.

John Derbyshire comments:

> The primary purpose of every jobs program is to create jobs for the > people who run the program. No Bureaucrat Left Behind!

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