Monday, April 14, 2008

The Editors on China Olympics on National Review Online

It is understandable that the first heads of state to announce their intention to boycott the opening ceremony — those of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany — all grew up under Communism. They have heard at close range the cries of the pulverized. President Bush, whom we know to care deeply about those cries, should follow his counterparts' example. It is understandable that he may wish not to announce his decision far in advance. (Among other things, it might create a perceived duty to escalate his form of protest should the Chinese crackdown grow worse.) But when the time comes, he should not attend.

Agreed.  But Hillary Clinto has called for a boycott of the opening ceremonies and Bush doesn't want to "politicize" the Games.  Well, the IOC politicized the Olympics by selecting a Communist dictatorship to be the host.  Maybe W can take a page out of his father's play book and vomit on Hu Jintao during the celebration.  That would make everybody happy!

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