Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jennifer Rubin: New attack on Americans; Obama foreign policy in disarray

Jamie Fly of the Foreign Policy Initiative spoke for many foreign policy critics, who for years have been fretting about Obama’s unwillingness to pursue a coherent strategy in the region. He told Right Turn: “We are beginning to see the real world effects of ‘leading from behind.’ The President has been more focused on burnishing his supposed national security credentials than helping to ensure that the revolutions of the Arab Spring lead to more long-term stability and increased opportunities for the people of the region.” He also recalled the unseemly victory lap after Libyan rebels emerged victorious in the civil war. “Libya may eventually be seen as a ‘mission accomplished’ moment in which the President of the United States was more interested in declaring victory than in helping the Libyans win the peace. Now, we and they are left to pick up the pieces.”

Most immediate is the seemingly bizarre insistence on going forward with aid to the Islamist government in Egypt that failed to protect our embassy. The Wall Street Journal reports: “The Obama administration is in the final stages of organizing a $1 billion package to ease the rising debt burden of Mr. Morsi’s government. The U.S. also gives Egypt $1.3 billion a year in military aid.”

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