Saturday, April 14, 2012

Derb - By Mark Steyn

Just before Easter, Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, announced that John Derbyshire is no longer associated with the magazine after he published an "indefensible" article in another publication.

Derb's article: "The Talk: Nonblack Version" is here:

Lowry's announcement is here:

Mark Steyn reacts:

> I regret the loss of John Derbyshire to National Review. Short version: Didn’t like the piece, but don’t think NR should have hustled him into the drive-thru guillotine on the basis of 24 hours of hysteria from the Internet’s sans-culottes.

> NR shouldn’t be rewarding those who want to play this game. The more sacrifices you offer up, the more ravenously the volcano belches.
>> PS If Derb’s piece is sufficiently beyond the pale that its author must be terminated immediately, why is its publisher — our old friend Taki — proudly listed on the NR masthead?

Derb has more to say here:


My take: If you don't like what Derb wrote, refute it in writing. You don't owe him a job, but you do owe him an argument. Don't just dismiss him as offensive with the implication that he's a racist. As a result of this incident, I am canceling my subscription to National Review. It's too bad it had to end this way.

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