Monday, November 15, 2010

The ever-expanding Obamacare escapee list

Michelle Malkin links to the waiver list:

The list of most recently approved refugees is here. Make no mistake: Team Obama isn’t granting the waivers out of bleeding-heart compassion for the affected workers, but out of a panicked urgency to avoid a public relations disaster.
As I’ve boiled it down before:
Old Democrat promise: Everyone gets to keep their health insurance.
New Democrat promise: You can keep your health insurance…if you BEG hard enough for an Obamacare waiver.
Yep: The only way for hundreds of thousands of workers to keep their health insurance is to exempt them from the government-imposed “fix.”


Jim Hoft notices that a bunch of major unions are on the waiver list, including SEIU.  We're up to 111 waivers and counting.  Wouldn't it be easier to make ObamaCare opt-in only?

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