Thursday, January 21, 2010

SCOTUS Knocks Down McCain-Feingold

Here's a case where I blame Bush:  he signed the bill knowing it was unconstitutional.  Of course, I blame McCain even more for writing it in the first place.

The Supreme Court today struck down key elements of McCain-Feingold legislation in a decision that could radically alter campaign finance.

In a broad 5-4 decision in Citizens United vs. FEC, the Court found unconstitutional provisions in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act that prevented corporate and labor union money from funding some kinds of political communication. Under the ruling these groups may now fund political advertisements out of their general treasuries.

The decision overturns Austin vs. Michigan Chamber of Commerce and part of McConnell vs. FEC, which separated individual and collective campaign contributions into two legal classes and restricted the latter. But it upholds restrictions on direct contributions by corporate bodies to candidates, as well as requirements that the funding sources of political advertisements be disclosed to the public.

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