Thursday, February 05, 2009

Audit every congressman

With government spending exploding and federal regulation about to become more pervasive than ever before, having power and influence in Washington, D.C. is the ticket to riches. With Big Government comes abundant opportunities for smart guys to make more "honest mistakes" like not knowing a limo and driver provided at no cost to you is taxable as income.
There is only one way to change the perception of a double standard in the law that favors the big guys – Audit them all and make the results public every year.

Great idea!  I want to add one more provision: every congressman should be required to fill out his own tax return -- not just sign a form prepared by an accountant, actually fill out the paperwork.  They should have to suffer with the rest of us.  If they can't figure out the tax code, maybe they'll be motivated to make it simpler.

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HunterRogers said...

I had this same idea myself.

I believe we should audit the executive, congressional, and judicial branches of the federal government and their state government counterparts.

These people have been elected as stewards of our nation's economic prosperity and social justice. They should take on these tasks selflessly and therefore willing to be transparent and accountable just like our new president says.

How can we make this happen and truely usher in a new era of governing?