Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Democrats Fret Long Battle

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh's strategery has worked.  He wanted to keep Hillary in the race by supporting her in Texas and Ohio so that the Democrats would have to fight it out all the way to the convention.  But it still looks look like a long shot for Hillary.  Her Hail Mary play seems to be to try to convince the superdelegates to go for her if she promises to bring Obama on board as her VP.  I can't see much in that deal for Obama.  He's young enough to make a few more runs on his own -- without carrying the baggage of a close association with the Clintons.  And I think it would be a disaster for him to try the reverse deal by inviting Hillary to be his running mate.  That's the only way I could imagine McCain winning in November.

I'm still betting on Obama to go all the way and to win comfortably in November over McCain.  But it will be fun to see what tricks the Clintonistas try to pull off in the next couple of weeks.

She still trails Obama.

Her only hope is that a solid majority of the nearly 800 superdelegates support her over Obama. Party rules allow them to act independently, but it's almost unfathomable that these political animals would not ratify the results from primaries and caucuses.

These folks know better than to defy the wishes over voters. No doubt they'll notice that six in 10 Democratic voters told pollsters Tuesday that so-called superdelegates should vote based on results of the primaries and caucuses rather than for the candidate they think has the best chance to win in November.

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